• Erik Bryggman 120 Years Seminar in February 2011 in the Resurrection Chapel
  • It will be 120 years since Erik Bryggman's birth in February, and 70 years in April 2011 since his Resurrection Chapel in Turku was completed . St Henry's parish and Bryggman Institute will jointly arrange a seminar (in Finnish) on the theme of 'holy space' on Bryggman's birthday, Monday February 7. The topic will be examined from the viewpoints of comparative religion studies, architecture, art history, and theology. The program also includes music.

    Before the seminar at 4.15 pm, flowers will be set on the Bryggman family grave in front of the Chapel. The seminar program begins at 4.30 pm and continues until 7.15. There is no entrance fee and no need to sign up in advance. Seminar language will be Finnish.

    The Resurrection Chapel is the internationally most noted work by Erik Bryggman, and one of the absolute masterworks of Finnish architecture in the 1930s and 1940s. Bryggman won the chapel design competition in 1938. Construction work started in the spring of 1939, was interrupted by the war (later known as the winter war), and then continued from the spring of 1940 to the following spring.

    Bryggman participated in fourteen architectural competitions for churches, chapels, and crematoria. He had plenty of success: four first and three second prizes, one third prize, and one purchase. Of the winning entries, only the Turku funeral chapel (later known as the Resurrection Chapel) and the Honkanummi pair of chapels in Vantaa were built.

    Without design competition, he received commissions for funeral chapels in Parainen, Lohja (Metsola Chapel) and in Lappeenranta (Ristikangas Chapel). Honkanummi, Metsola, and Ristikangas were completed after the architect's death. Bryggman never got to build a church – he did, however, design interiors and furnishings for some existing churches.