• Moisés Royo speaks on MUKAarquitectura´s work 23th Aug 6PM
  • 6 PM on 23th August 2023

    Brinkkala house, Green hall, Vanha Suurtori 3, Turku 

    Moisés Royo conceives MUKAarquitectura´s work as an interpretation of the context in which the project is inserted, choosing the final form not as an end but as a result of a study of the site's demands, natural light, use and genesis of the created spaces. The project is understood by analyzing history, bringing it to the new proposal by meeting present-day needs and solving them with current construction techniques. The material takes on vital importance to emphasize the sensorial condition of architecture. Additionally, their projects propose a critique of the urban context that governs the city in the present days.

    Moisés Royo (1981) graduated from Madrid School of Architecture in 2007. Moisés was awarded a grant to pursue post-grad studies, where he undertook research work at Columbia University in New York and completed a Master´s Degree in Advanced Architecture Design (2006). He obtained his PhD on Dipoli in 2014 and became Associate Professor from 2015 to 2021. He was also TA at Barnard College in NYC in 2005, guest lecturer in Canada, Italy, Portugal and other cities in Spain. Moisés founded mukaarquitectura in 2008 to explore on his architectural research. From its creation, the office has obtained national and international recognitions, as one of the Young Architects of Spain “JAE” (2011) selected by the Spanish Ministry of Housing, Europan Switzerland (2011), FAD Awards (2014), WA Awards (2015), Tokyo (2016), Riga (2017), Vienna (2018), Hispalyt Awards (Spain) and Brick Awards (London) in the same year and 2022, Pipa Awards (London) 2023. From 2023 Moisés is also International Expert Evaluator at the Spanish Service of Internationalization of Spanish Higher Education SEPIE.



    Casa Farol / Lantern House (2022), Javier Callejas